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The mentalization-based treatment (MBT) quality laboratory is sponsored by the Norwegian hospital consortium “Helse Sør-Øst”.


​The laboratory is a part of the Norwegian National Advisory Unit on Personality Psychiatry (NAPP) , which is part of the Department for Personality Psychiatry at Oslo University Hospital, Norway.

The lab is operative since 01.05.2013, and the purpose is to provide feedback to MBT programs in Norway on the performances of the therapists in order to sustain high quality services.



The staff consists of the following professionals: Espen Folmo (leader), psychologist, Kjetil Bremer, psychologist, Kristoffer Walther, psychologist specialist, and Ina Bekkevold, communicational consultant.

The staff is assisted by other raters that are trained (and found reliable) in MBT individual therapy and/or group therapy: Sigmund Karterud (both), Øyvind Urnes (MBT-I), Elfrida Kvarstein (MBT-G) and Christian Schlüter (MBT-G).

The staff has considerable clinical experience with MBT besides introductory courses and advanced (one year) courses in MBT. They are approved MBT therapists from the Norwegian Institute for Mentalization.They have been trained for scoring purposes through a 50 hours course lead by Professor Sigmund Karterud until they reached a satisfactory level of reliability. 

The staff is supervised by Sigmund Karterud, professor of psychiatry, author of three MBT manuals and inventor of the MBT adherence and competence scale (MBT-ACS).



The MBT lab has 9 MBT programs from different regions of Norway as regular customers. The lab cooperates with the Norwegian Network for Personality Focused Treatment Programs.

The Network has recently organized an inside network for MBT programs aiming at patients with borderline personality disorders.

There is currently (2015) a discussion of establishing some kind of regular quality control procedures for the customers, e.g. that all therapists are rated twice a year.

The MBT lab participates in several Scandinavian research projects. The most important for the time being is a reliability study of the group version of MBT-ACS.


The procedure for customers is as follows: A standard data agreement is signed by head of the institutions in question. A less extensive agreement form is signed by the therapist and his/her client. The therapist send by ordinary post a crypted DVD or a memory stick with a video recording of the session in question. The session is rated by to raters who work out a conjoint MBT intervention profile and a written commentary to the session. The work is supervised by Sigmund Karterud as an extra guarantee of the quality of the rating and the written commentary. The therapists are given the opportunity to discuss the feedback with the raters on phone.

The services of the MBT lab are free of charge for clinical programs in Norway.

Prices or exchange of services for not Norwegian professionals can be negotiated.


Downloads (will be updated soon)

  • Procedures for rating of MBT individual and group therapy


- Individual therapy: Procedures_MBT-AQS.pdf


- Group therapy: Procedures_MBT_group.pdf

  • The MBT-AC scale, individual version, rating sheet and quality assessment:     MBT-AC IND.pdf
  • The MBT-AC scale, group version, rating sheet and quality assessment:           MBT-AC GROUP.pdf

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